'Royal Pains' Season 7 Premiere: Should Divya Have Left Her Baby in the Car?

Divya Katdare (Reshma Shetty) was faced with an impossible decision on the Season 7 premiere of "Royal Pains": Leave her baby unattended in a car so she can save a life, or ignore a young man in need and stay with her child.

While out and about with her daughter Sasheen, Divya sees a young man face-plant on the sidewalk after falling off of his skateboard. She makes a game-time decision and leaves her daughter in the car (with the window rolled down) and rushes across the street to help the injured man. However, by the time she's done saving him, the police are at her car taking away Sasheen. It's an awful moment.

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alycakes1288d ago

Considering what she's going thru with the custody battle she should have know better than to leave her baby in the car for any reason and for any amount of time....not even for one second should she leave her. I'm sure Rafa has people watching her to make just one little mistake so he can take her away from Divya.