Batman's Anti-Superman Weapon In 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Revealed


Remember the above picture from the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer?

We all thought Batman was holding a rifle in that shot. Well, he isn't.

Guess what it is?

Give up?

One last time...

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04roacht1290d ago

It seems lame. Can't really trust El Mayiambe

MilkMan1290d ago

Perfect weapon for Bats AND it looks to have some kind of brass knuckles also. That means that line about "you will" in terms of you will bleed actually makes sense. Batman excels at hand to hand combat. If he laces his body up with Krypto that's Sups ass. Bar none. All sup does is Hay makers. Hes.Hes in for it.

Lord_Sloth1290d ago

That's usually all Supes has to do but most people don't read any of his comics so they don't know that he's actually an accomplished Martial Artist as well.

He has a great deal of knowledge of hand to hand combat techniques, pressure points, and knows a few alien martial arts. He isn't an unskilled slob.

MilkMan1290d ago

I've read the comics and I know he eventually trains, but I am referring to the movies. Unless hes been training himself on some mountain with boulders or something, how can he train? It would be extremely difficult.
Not impossible but difficult, and he would be no where near as versed as B-Man, its just not the way it is no matter how many aliens train him or how many books he reads.
B-man is the one Darkseid worries about where hes at when in direct confrontation. I feel if Darkseid is worried, Sups should be very worried.