Looks Like Han Solo & Boba Fett Are In The 2nd ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Film


Hey Schmoeville!

Ever since Disney first bought the rights to Lucasfilm back in October of 2012, it was clear that we would be seeing a broad future of Star Wars material released outside of the new trilogy. The announcement of spinoffs has left many doubtful, but Celebration Anaheim’s confirmation of the Anthology series has sparked a lot of interest in the series as a compliment to the overall Star Wars mythos.

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Stringerbell1295d ago

Finger crossed the writers dont abandon the idea of an Admiral Thrawn character in a future film. I know they disavowed the EU, but that was such a great character.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31294d ago

The announcement of all these spinoffs is really killing my excitement for the franchise. The Star Wars cinematic universe has always revolved around one epic struggle, I feel like all of these spinoffs are only going to dilute the main films which should be the focus.

Crazay1294d ago

I fully agree with you on this matter. It feels to me like they're going to over-saturate the market with too much Star Wars (I know...whoever would have though those words would be said together?).

Defectiv3_Detectiv31294d ago

It's only a matter of time until they start printing the star wars logo on lunch boxes! ;)