A New Hulk May Appear In The MCU

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According to our friends over at We Are Wakanda, a new Hulk will be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon. In the article, they claim that their sources are telling them that a new Hulk would be due to show up soon - and cited the image above as options - but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), they aren't willing to directly spoil the reveal. Well, we also a friend close to the set that can corroborate this and if you're into that sort of thing, we'll spoil it for you. More on that later, first some speculation.

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acemonkey1292d ago

i hope so. I dont know how big the roster is going to be fighting thanos or movies to come. but we need Jen ( she hulk) just some family for Banner. Red hulk (ross) for villain turn hero

NewMonday1291d ago

the disappearing mustache is one of the dumbest things ever

SilentNegotiator1292d ago

Is it Leader? You kind of left us on a cliffhanger with that one :)

Aldous_Snow1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Well the guy who played General Ross from the last Hulk movie with Ed Norton is confirmed for Civil War which is very interesting in itself. Might find out what he's been doing and if he is the Red Hulk or not... yet

Edit: I should have read the article 1st lol. Very interesting indeed. Civil War is just going to be another Avengers movie (which is no bad thing) minus Thor.

If Hulk does make an appearance, then I hope The Abomination is also unleashed considering Tim Roth has 3 or 4 movies contracted to him. The Abomination look wasn't that great in the Hulk movie, but they can change his appearance for Civil War due to all the testing they've been doing on him since his imprisonment.

But saying all that, if Ross does hulk out and hulk returns, I can see the movie being dominated by those too, which isnt what Civil War is about.

Whatever happens, it is going to be awesome

Crazay1292d ago

I think that if we're going to see some sort of Red Hulk thing going on, it's going to be used as a defining moment(probably in the last quarter of the movie) that really gets the whole registration movement a shot in the arm to get done.

I wasn't aware that Tim Roth still had that level of contract still in place. That is rather interesting.

Aldous_Snow1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I was taken aback a few weeks ago when I read Ross was returning. Its very exciting but I dont see the point of him being there unless he does hulk out to manipulate and force through the whole registration act.

On one hand, he will be championing the registration act telling everyone how dangerous those people are, then on the other hand, be going out causing absolute destruction as Red Hulk to prove his point while keeping his identity secret.

Didn't something like that happen in the comics? I've read little bits here & there online but dont know how it all turned out.

Just so many possibilities, who knows where they will take it... The mind boggles.

Crazay1292d ago

Ya I was a little surprised when I heard that news as well but it made sense to me for the reasons you mentioned that he'd be an advocate for the registration. I never thought there'd be a possibility of him turning into the Red Hulk (which admittedly I know little to nothing about). I think/hope this is the beginning of a beautiful future for Hulk in the cinematic Universe.

deadpoolio3161291d ago

It wont be with Mark Ruffalo, he has already said that he doesn't want a Hulk solo movie, and doesn't believe Hulk needs a solo movie

SilentNegotiator1292d ago

Hell, Hulk himself changed in appearance between Incredible Hulk and Avengers, and those two movies were cannon to each other. They don't really have to justify changing Abomination's look.