The Whispers Season 1 Review - TVOM

TVOM: The Whispers falls neatly in line with every single Under the Dome knockoff in recent memory; an unheard, unseen paranormal force is messing with a group of white people, most of whom are having affairs with one another. Like all of these shows, the central character is a cop with a high libido – in this case, Claire Bennigan, an FBI agent just getting back to work after her husband “died” in a “plane crash” in “Africa” – surrounded by male characters who demean her professional ability because of her “emotions,” those characters in turn offering cardboard Stepford wife personas to fill out their “family” structures. Throw on top a series of weird, entangled mysteries, microwave for a good 10-13 episodes, and out pops the crisply-baked The Whispers, the latest in a line of shows trying to revive the summer miniseries with hackneyed plots and characters.

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