New Terminator Genisys Clip – “I Did Not Kill Him” Attack

EB: A new minute long clip from Terminator Genisys has been released that features Reese and Sarah Connor talking about the franchise’s confusing timelines and the various Terminators sent back to kill her. Reese quickly finds out that his idea of the past isn’t what it is supposed to be thanks to all of the time travel meddling that has been going on by Skynet and the Resistance.

You can check out the new clip above, but if you want to avoid any spoilers you should probably skip it.

[UPDATE] Yet another new clip has release, which you can check out below.

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WizzroSupreme1290d ago

Germinator Tenisys is shaping up to be interesting, nonetheless.

SilentNegotiator1290d ago

Yeah, as much flak as I've given the idea of bringing back old man Arny for another Terminator, the concept of this movie is at least...interesting.