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From Cinelinx:

Runoff is taut in form, deliberate in it’s sound, movement, and image; a directorial debut to envy and inspire. We enter on the casual ripples of a creek, which (in the context of it’s opening rhetoric) vocalizes equal parts hope and apprehension. Then to the green of a corn stalk, and finally a honeycomb, which is removed from the frame to reveal our protagonist Betty (Joanne Kelly) in protective veil and coveralls. Cut to her husband, Frank (Neal Huff), scrubbing his body down vigorously in part of an elaborate routine to suit up in what my as well be armor, or a Hazmat suit. The message is clear, we’ve tainted what was once pure, into something to protect ourselves from. And yet the earth remains necessary, and the farmers must come to terms with a self-defeating, chemical, business-model that threatens their health and goodwill.

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