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The Wachowski’s latest science fiction adventure, Jupiter Ascending, is coming home to blu-ray and I got a chance to check out the new release so I can help you decide whether or not it’s worth bringing home with you.

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Crazay1209d ago

Wow....that's a rather generous rating bud.

darklordzor1209d ago

If you look at the individual's not. The rating system has slots for various categories. On blu-ray reviews, I rate picture quality and sound quality separately, and in that regard, this blu-ray is top notch. The film itself didn't rate highly :(

SilentNegotiator1209d ago

Yeah, but uh...poop in HD is still poop, am I right? lol

nix1208d ago

the movie was so bland i didn't even bother listening to the dialogues... it just kept running on my tv and i went to the kitchen to make myself a dinner.

Gilgamesh151209d ago

After this hot mess and their track record since Matrix 1, I feel that the first Matrix was a fluke for these directors.

SpringHeeledJack1209d ago

Huh Reloaded was better than the first film, Revolutions was a bit of a let down.

BlackTar1871208d ago

Sorry dude but Reloaded was fine but saying better then the first? YEA F'in right man.

have a nice day

Baka-akaB1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

That's weird considering Revolutions and Reloaded were shot together .. making it basically the two parts of a same movie .. There is is hardly some tonal shift between the two ...

SpringHeeledJack1208d ago

@ Blacktar Reloaded had the best fight scenes and got way more into the story, saying it's better than first or that Reloaded wasn't good? yeh F'in right man. Keep smoking what ever you smoke.

Have a nice day kid.

coolbeans1208d ago

I'm very interested to see how Sense8 turns out before calling them off completely.

windblowsagain1209d ago

Story was okay, the writing wasn't.

Was not told the way it should have been.

There are better series on tv these days then films.

WizzroSupreme1209d ago

I'm so over the Wachowskis now. One good Matrix can't save what's been an amazing assembly line of flops. Jupiter Ascending comes so close to what I want out of a great sci-fi movie, but the casting and scripting is just awful. And they just stole a few of George Lucas's Naboo ships.

Psytrix1208d ago

This movie looks so shit, I wouldn't even watch it if I was paid to.

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