Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8: Hardhome Recap With Spoilers


Jorah and Tyrion stand before Dany in her throne room. She asks why she shouldn’t kill Tyrion, if that’s who he really is. Tyrion points out that he’s the greatest Lannister killer of all. Tyrion recount Dany’s story, and the faith Varys put into her, but he goes on to say that he has necessary insight that she’ll need if she’s to rule Westeros. As a test, she asks Tyrion what she should do with Ser Jorah. Tyrion speaks for Jorah’s devotion to Dany’s cause, but then notes that he did betray her. He notes that a ruler who kills those devoted to her does not inspire devotion, but that she cannot march on Westeros with Jorah at her side. Dany has Jorah removed from the city.

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