Louie Season Finale Review - IGN

IGN: In a much stronger episode that last week's "Road" opener, Louie ended his shortened fifth season on a tremendous and weird tragedy involving our hero finally bonding with a hack comedian named Kenny (Jim Florentine) right before the guy slipped while taking an "upper decker" and cracked his head open. And died.
Once again, as we've experienced a few times this season, viewers found themselves expressly on Louie's side - this time regarding his contempt for Kenny's crass, tactless style of humor. Whether it was done on stage or off. And we could feel Louie's pain as he failed night after night to win over a rather bush league Oklahoma City crowd that was not game for his liberal-ish jokes and low blood sugar demeanor. But then, at the end, when Louie finally stood up to Kenny and spoke his mind, rather bluntly, his entire argument (and ours) got turned on its head. Like it did with the shop owner in "A La Carte" and Lilly in "Sleepover."

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