Why Horror TV Succeeds, And The Difficulty Of A Good Wig – Produced By

Why is horror so successful on television? We’ll get to that, but first make note – Grimm is planning some kind of reboot in its fifth season. The Zombie-as-metaphor has evolved into a reflection of American office culture. And the hardest special effect of all is a good toupee. Those revelations and more spewed forth like rivers of blood from the unfocused but highly entertaining Scary 3.0: The New Horror panel, held today in the Paramount Theater at the start of the 2015 Produced By Conference.

In attendance were executive producers Dave Alpert of The Walking Dead, Norberto Barba of Grimm, Jeremy Carver of Supernatural, Carlton Cuse of Bates Motel and The Strain, and Tim Minear of American Horror Story. The five of them talked at length about the increasing success of horror on television and why audiences are responding so strongly to horror, digging in to how technology and social media impact their work, while also revealing surprising trivia, like the difficulty of making a convincing hairpiece.

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alycakes1292d ago

Interesting but makes sense. If it's a show I'll watch it's usually a horror or just something that's different and not a soap opera type drama about people and their every day lives that seem so boring.