Castle Shocker: Captain Gates Is Out

Changes for Castle Season 8 have begun as Penny Jerald Johnson, who plays Captain Victoria Gates, confirmed to her fans via Twitter that she will not be returning to the show in the fall:

“To my Castle fans around the world, as of late yesterday I am surprised and saddened to learn that I will no longer be a part of the Castle family. Thank you all for your support and love. Hugs from PJJ”

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alycakes1294d ago

Well, that comes as a surprise to me. I wonder why?

StarWarsFan1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

I guess if they were going to kick someone out, her character made the most sense. Sad to hear it though. Will they not be giving her some sort of sendoff though? Or will they just be cutting her off in the summer and explaining her absence in the first episode of the season.

Castle got back into gear late last season. The start of last season was kinda terrible with the entire wedding kidnapping. It was so pointless how it was all explained.

alycakes1293d ago

Yes but then it really got interesting there at the ending.

StarWarsFan1292d ago

Totally agree, as I said, it got back into gear. But they really got lost in the first half of the season. It was just going nowhere.