Simon Pegg on Rewriting Star Trek 3, "Geekdom" And Playing a Romantic Lead

"I’ve become the poster child for the geek generation," says the Spaced creator, "and it’s not something I want to be.

It’s a busy day in Peggville. Out at Simon Pegg’s very big house in the Hertfordshire countryside, 40 minutes north of London by commuter train, there is bustle and stress. Gardeners roam the grounds, the cleaner is in, and Hollywood is breathing down the actor’s neck.

He was hired earlier this year to co-write the third instalment of the re-invigorated Star Trek film series. By 6pm today – when Los Angeles wakes up – he has to have cut 180 pages of the script down to 135.

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alycakes1296d ago

Pegg is great. He does comedy, drama and anything else you dish out to him. I usually will see anything that he does if I'm aware of it.

WizzroSupreme1295d ago

I honestly think Star Trek is in better hands with a legit fan of the genre than Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman, all of whom got not only bored with the project they helmed but clueless at how to close it anyway.

coolbeans1295d ago

And in the specific cases of Orci and Kurtzman, are sub-par screenwriters on top of that.