Layer Cake Sequel is Still in the Pipeline, Says Jason Statham

Digital Spy:
Jason Statham has confirmed that a sequel to Layer Cake is in the works, calling it "the most exciting thing on [his] plate".

It was first reported in 2013 that Statham would produce and star in an adaptation of JJ Connolly's follow-up novel Viva La Madness, replacing Daniel Craig in the lead role.

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alycakes1293d ago

Layer Cake was a good movie so I would like to see the sequel.

Aldous_Snow1292d ago

Ahh Jason Statham.. The most one dimensional shitty actor who as good as plays the same character in every movie.

The only thing he's good at is getting the muff.

-Foxtrot1292d ago

What's the point of doing a sequel to such an amazing film if the main character will be replaced

Hold_It1291d ago

I wonder if Mr.XXXX is really dead then.