'Proof' Trailer: The Next Great Journey

"You know the problem with just believing? It's too easy."

That's just one of the many great lines from the trailer for the upcoming TNT series Proof, premiering Tuesday, June 16 at 10/9c. The promo itself suggests, "The next great journey is knowing our destination." That's because Proof is about the quest of a dying man and the team he assembles to help him prove the existence, or lack thereof, of life after death.

Proof immediately thrusts you into the journey of these people and your beliefs are shaken right along with theirs. There are no hard and fast answers and that's what makes it so good. Nobody expects there to be, at least not yet. Even the most analytical and logical mind has triggers of doubt. What are yours?

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alycakes1297d ago

This is another one I'll watch only because I like the subject.