Kevin Bacon Tries To End The Joy Ride In First Trailer For 'Cop Car'

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If your foot is still twitching for more fuel injected action after "Furious 7," a smaller movie with less cars-flying-through-expensive- skyscrapers is coming. "Cop Car" may be modestly sized, but it still has a big chase at the center, and today comes the first trailer for the thriller.

Making its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, the film finds Kevin Bacon in baddie mode, playing a corrupt cop who does everything he can to stop a couple of kids who go on a joyride with an abandoned cop car. The film from Jon Watts is intriguing, but as our review unfortunately notes, it's "comprised of terrible coincidences, bad mustaches and a pervasive sense of desperation. It’s also wholly unable to live up to its obvious promise."

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