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Fury Road: How Miller Won the West

Via EGMR: "It is absolutely disarming, how effortlessly Miller wades into this era of Baysplosions and shaky cams, and removes the blindfolds from our eyes. ‘I’m sorry, my children…’ he whispers into our ears. ‘I have forsaken you too long, but here, receive from me my greatest gift. Let it serve you well.’ The most accurate analogy I can think of, is that Miller has essentially made what is the film negative of the modern blockbuster. Where Transformers swerves right, Fury Road goes left. Where Marvel reaches for the stars, Mad Max knows exactly how intimate our relationship with the dust truly is."

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MilkMan1301d ago

This movie is basically the movie to beat this summer and possibly a few summer going forward.
If your an action fan this was the movie to see and beat in 2015.
Its on a whole different level.
Bless you Miller and thank you.