Point Break Trailer and Poster Released


Warner Bros. Pictures has released the Point Break trailer and poster which you can view below! Inspired by the classic 1991 hit starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, the film is scheduled for release in 3D and 2D theaters on December 25.

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Crazay1296d ago

dear god...


The original is a classic in it's own right with a pretty killer soundtrack. The only thing even moderately redeeming about this is what looks like some pretty killer stunts. Outside of that what a waste.

freshslicepizza1295d ago

the reason why is to attract new viewers. i think a lot of us need to stop thinking of these films when we saw them and try and imagine new viewers who may not have seen the original.

reminds me of watching movies from the 80's. watch it now and many have terrible soundtracks and some don't look very good compared to effects that can be created now.

-Foxtrot1296d ago

Seems like it's doing what most remakes or "sequels" to old films do these days

Big stunts, big visuals, big explosions, big action packed scenes etc

Basically the only things which make people like the film, not for what the film has crafted as a whole

MilkMan1295d ago

Movie looks good, if it wasn't because the original is near and dear to our hearts wed be on line right now to go see this things. The concept alone is refreshing. From the trailer alone I can see its leagues better than the crappy Poltergeist remake. So lets keep an open mind, looks like it was crafted with love.
Meanwhile I'm gonna see the original Point Break again.

Lord_Sloth1295d ago

Still have, watch, and enjoy the original. I'll give this a go too. Maybe I'll have 2 good films with the same name. XXXD

Defectiv3_Detectiv31295d ago

It looks like a commercial for an energy drink.

Also, its looks like it's lacking a Gary Busey character, which was arguably one of the best parts of the original.

Crazay1295d ago

So true about Gary Busey

bangoskank1295d ago

Ray Winstone is playing Angelo Pappas in this one. He's a great actor but he's no Gary Busey.