When Calls the Heart “Awakenings & Revelations” Review (Season 2, Episode 4) - TV Equals

TV Equals: Now that Elizabeth has returned to Hope Valley it would seem that things are getting back to normal; that is until Charles Kensington arrived in town. He came to the small, former coal mining town because of business he has with the new saw mill owner Lee Coulter. How convenient that the company where he works (which just so happens to be owned by Elizabeth’s father, by the way) is doing business with the newest company to arrive in Hope Valley. That’s not ironic at all!

As any fan/viewer of the show knows, since the introduction of Charles in the fan favorite series When Calls the Heart, Charles is not only an old childhood friend of Elizabeth but also pretty smitten with her as well. That will, of course, continue to cause friction in the budding relationship Elizabeth has with Hope Valley Mountie Jack Thornton. And that kiss on the cheek, which Elizabeth bestowed on Charles as he departed town, isn’t going to help things at all. Granted a kiss on the cheek shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but in the time period for which the show is set, that is still considered a bit scandalous; and obviously unwelcome in the eyes of Jack.

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