'Seventh Son' Blu-ray Review | Cinematically Enigmatic

CE: Adapted from author Joseph Delaney's "The Spook's Apprentice," the first entry in the dark-fantasy series known collectively as "The Wardstone Chronicles," Seventh Son has Jeff Bridges playing Master Gregory, a Falcon Knight and the people's first and last line of defense against the evil magic of witches. When the most powerful witch of them all, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), claims the life of his faithful apprentice, Gregory goes in search of his last best hope for a successor: the only remaining seventh son of a seventh son, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes). And together, they embark on a journey towards Malkin's mountaintop fortress, to vanquish the witch queen once and for all. Director Sergei Bodrov and screenwriters Charles Leavitt and Steven Knight structure this as the kick-off to a new big screen franchise. However, Seventh Son does little to set itself apart from other fantasy-adventures, serving up creatures, locales and character archetypes moviegoers have already seen time...

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