Jane the Virgin Season 1 Review | TVOM

TVOM: "After falling in love with and having to see brilliant new shows cancelled time and time again over the last few years, I went into this television season only planning on watching two new shows: Selfie and The Flash. While one was tragically cancelled and the other met expectations, neither of these shows ended up being my favorite new show of the 2014-15 season. That spot was reserved for a special show, one that generated a lot of buzz within its first few episodes, causing me to tune in and see what all the hype was about. Right away, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in Jane the Virgin, as I immediately fell in love with the Villanueva women and the dramedy surrounding Jane, a pregnant virgin. Jane the Virgin started out strong and only got better throughout its freshman season as characters developed and fully embraced the series’ unique format. For once I can say that I fell in love with a show that will be around for a very long time."

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