Batmobile Spotted On Suicide Squad Set In Pursuit Of 'The Joker' And 'Harley Quinn'


It's no secret that Ben Affleck's Batman will be appearing in Suicide Squad, but now it appears we'll actually see the Caped Crusader take on Jared Leto's Joker... from behind the wheel. Check it out!

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StarWarsFan1297d ago

Wouldn't it have been more drmatic to make a Batman movie with Leto's Joker before Suicide Squad? The DC movie universe has become so disjointed with this rush for Superman Vs Batman.

KingPin1297d ago

we already had a batman movie with joker in it.
so no thanks. i dont need the retelling of the same story with different actors.

DC learned from spidermans mistake.

StarWarsFan1296d ago

Who say it would need to be the same story? Now it seems like they'll be jumping into Batman capturing Joker right from the start in Suicide Squad.