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‘Tomorrowland’ Exposes Hollywood’s Originality Problem

Variety: “Tomorrowland’s” middling debut points to a nagging problem in Hollywood. As much as people claim they love fresh and unique movies, they’re more likely to shell out money for sequels and reboots.

Despite the combined star power of George Clooney and “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird, audiences weren’t sure what to make of this fantasy adventure. The film opened to $41.7 million, and with a production budget of $180 million, plus millions more in promotion and distribution expenses, “Tomorrowland” looks like a money loser for Disney.

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StarWarsFan1295d ago

I think this movie failed in having any purpose or guidance. Like the commercials didn't answer: "What is this about?" But it is true, reboots and sequels just do better than original stuff. But then again original stuff can lead to more sequels.