‘Tomorrowland’ Takes #1 But Disappoints On One Of The Worst Memorial Day Weekends In Over 10 Years

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There were early reports that said Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 2” was going to have the edge over Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” and while those calculations were wrong, it was lose. “Tomorrowland” took the #1 spot this weekend with a $32.2 million bow, but considering it was a would-be four-quadrant tentpole on almost 4000 screens that could crossover into the lucrative kids market (and the parents that have to take them there), this wasn’t exactly a stellar opening, and you can bet Disney was hoping for something north of $50 million. Reviews of the Brad Bird-directed movie weren’t kind (here’s our tepid one) and, perhaps not boding well for future weekends, the movie received a lukewarm B Cinemascore from audiences. Worse, “Tomorrowland” cost $180 million without the give-or-take $60 million it took to market the picture.

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alycakes1304d ago

It's too bad it came out this weekend when people are so busy doing other things. I think it would have done better if it was released at another time. We saw it and it was really great. I found it to be different enough to keep me interested in what was going to happen next.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31303d ago

Yikes. After the Monument's Men and now this movie failing Clooney has got to be feeling some pressure.

-Foxtrot1303d ago

They should do a proper From Dusk till Dawn sequel and get him to come back.

That might draw people in