Eli Roth to Executive Produce Cabin Fever Remake, Will Use Same Script


Armory Films, Cassian Elwes and Contend have announced today that they have joined together to produce the remake of Eli Roth's horror thriller hit Cabin Fever, with Travis Zariwny (Intruder) directing and Armory and Pelican Point Media financing. The film, to be reshot from the original 2002 version by Eli Roth and Randy Pearlstein, stars Gage Golightly ("Teen Wolf"), Dustin Ingram (Paranormal Activity 3), Samuel Davis ("From Dusk Till Dawn"), Matthew Daddario (Delivery Man) and Nadine Crocker (Deadgirl). Cabin Fever will be produced by Contend's Evan Astrowsky, (who also produced the original film with Roth) and Armory Films' Chris Lemole and Tim Zajaros.

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aDDicteD1484d ago

cabin fever was a unique film back then, i hope they make it a more complicated story because the movie a decade ago i think lacks something to make it a classic.