Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Joins Assassin's Creed Movie


Robert Downey Jr. has reportedly signed on to join the Assassin's Creed movie cast in the role of Leonardo da Vinci.

The rumour, originally reported by Moviepilot but since removed, suggests that the upcoming film could be set around the events of Assassin's Creed II or its tie-ins, where the famous inventor appeared opposite Ezio Auditore.

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-Foxtrot1650d ago

Why are they doing the second game?

Urgh, here we go, they are going to try and shove as much references into one story from all the games we have now to try and make it look like it's respecting the source material while straying away from the source material.

I like Michael Fassbender, I really do, but I don't think he knows what he's doing with this...he hasn't even played the games.

Crazay1650d ago

I have no issue with Fassbender....However - I don't see him as Ezio, or even Altair. On the flip side, I couldn't name anyone off the top of my head to take his place but I'm sure there's someone.

DarkBlood1650d ago

I do not think its upnto fassbender on the decisions being made. But that aside I can personally see downey Jr as da vinci for obvious reasons.

Crazay1650d ago

I think that casting would be awesome.

the_mack_attack31650d ago

I agree, Downing would kill that role!! Hope it happens!

WizzroSupreme1649d ago

Seems to me other rumors said Fassbender was playing a Spanish Assassin during the Inquisition. Downey would certainly be more eccentric of a Leonardo than was ever in the games, but then, an AC movie should never just adapt the games anyway.

Tzuno1649d ago

O Roberto ma che cazzo fai... :)