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Will “The Simpsons” Ever be Good Again?

Salon: "Remember when “The Simpsons” was good — about a week ago? The ongoing “Simpsons” marathon on FXX began with a bang, running through the unsteady early couple of seasons quickly, then getting to hit after hit after hit. It was like living through the 1990s on warp-speed. With its earthy frankness about family life, the challenges of growing up, and the socioeconomic squeeze the American family was undergoing, it was hard to believe that this “Simpsons” had ever been made at all, let alone that it’s technically the same show that’s wrapping up its marathon this weekend and still airs on Fox every Sunday night. If FXX had really wanted to build anticipation and interest for this marathon, they should have run the episodes in reverse order; it would have been an inspiring story of a show that was mediocre for 15 years or so, then suddenly got great." (The Simpsons, TV)

Soldierone  +   212d ago
Oh man I totally agree it should have gone in reverse. I say that because I tuned in on the second day or so and I went "Oh crap, I forgot the old ones were great!" Then it became too late and now it's episodes I don't really care about.

Glad it's coming to an end though, that channel plays great movies and I'm glad it's coming back to normal. Id like to see the ratings as the episodes progressed, did it get worse? That'd prove Simpsons now sucks.
ajax17  +   211d ago
NOPE! Everything past season 8 sucks
slate91  +   211d ago
Funny, cause everything past season 8 in south park sucks too.
ajax17  +   211d ago
Yeah, I mostly agree. There are only two good episodes of South Park after season 8: "Tsst" and "Make Love, Not Warcraft" both from season 10. They were great imo.

Damn it! I have to keep on editing! There are more than those two. Just a handful of standout episodes, but for the most part, you're spot on with South Park after season 8.
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franwex  +   211d ago
Yeah agree. There are a few here and there that are good though.
360ICE  +   211d ago
Wow, I disagree with that. Imaginationland? Fishsticks? Make Love, not Warcraft? The Dog Whisperer-episode?

If anything, the show got better after season 8, in my opinion. The first seasons are not that good in retrospect, it was mostly just edgy at the time, and seasons like 12, 13 and 14 are some of the best runs they've had!

In my opinion, anyway.
Mr Marvel  +   211d ago
NO WAY!!! Season 9 onwards are the best seasons by far imo.
Deadpool616  +   211d ago
Once The Simpson started to have continuity between various episodes is when it officially died. Things like Apu being a father of 8, Maude Flanders dying, it all went to the crapper.
slate91  +   211d ago
There are a few gems past season 8. But each season only had 1-3 "Good" episodes. I feel like prior to season 8, every single episode was awesome. Every-single-one.
In my opinion it has something to do with the fact they stopped focusing on the towns-people and stopped creating unique stories within 'South Park.' Almost every episode past season 8 had either a plot twist/conspiracy with the government, or was the eric cartman show with him going against the other 3. The supposed 4th graders are now adults in their 40s with rational thinking and reasoning. I could go on and on... *sigh* :(
StarWarsFan  +   211d ago
They should think of injecting a new co-producer and a fresh selection of writers.
ArtificiallyYours  +   211d ago
I only watched the marathon up until the end of season eight. That should tell you where the disassociation is now.
Pillsbury1  +   211d ago
After season 8 = jumped the shark.
TheSaint  +   211d ago
*Nuked the fridge* is the usual term now, they changed it because that film and that moment was so bad..
Dan_scruggs  +   211d ago
To anyone who makes the comment that the Simpsons hasn't been good for years should ask themselves when was that last time they actually watched a new episode. There are good episodes and bad episodes. Se la vi. But you actually have to watch the show to know for sure that the bad outweighs the good.
Dude420  +   211d ago
But it's true, they haven't been very good. The quality of show has gotten downhill since season 9. Yes there may be some decent episodes here and there, but the overall quality of the seasons are not justified by a few episodes. Once in a while I tune in to a new episode and every time I feel the show has lost its magic.

This is what I think whenever I watch a new episode...

- Every character on the show is more obnoxious, especially Homer.
- The jokes are more in your face instead of being mostly subtle like they used to be.
- Celebrity cameos are not cleverly written in like they used to be (Stark Raving Dad and Marge vs. the Monorail).
- I prefer hand drawn animation over computer animation, it just feels more like a cartoon and enhances the jokes.
- They basically try too hard to be like family guy now.

I might have more reasons, but these are the off the top of my head.

You may still like it, but for some fans of the older style, the Simpsons is just a different show now.

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cr33ping_death  +   211d ago
Its even worse when a bad joke is dragged on for an entire minute. Its torture.
Sarobi  +   211d ago
Newer Simpsons episodes aren't as bad as some make them out to be, but they definitely aren't anywhere near the original episodes. I think it's too late to go back to being how it once was, simply because they lost touch of things.
LOL_WUT  +   211d ago
Ever since Family Guy came out The Simpsons has become irrelevant just an observation ;)
Soldierone  +   211d ago
I don't know why you get disagrees. It is true. The younger audience doesn't even have an attention span for Simpsons anymore because of Family Guy, and it's "hip" While Simpsons feels like your parents cartoon haha

(Plus it's just plain better. The worst Family Guy episodes are still better than a new Simpsons)
Shawtymann  +   211d ago
funny thing is, Family Guy is following the same path as The Simpsons. Out of the newer episodes of FG I've watched, neither has been funny. The older episodes are great though. I still enjoy American Dad though. Its way better than the current versions of Simpsons & FG
Inzo  +   211d ago
What BS, the Simpson are great, end of story.
Pozzle  +   211d ago
"You are Lisa Simpson"
SouthClaw  +   211d ago
I am in the middle. I watch the new episodes they are entertaining but I totally agree they are nowhere near as good as they once were.

I thought years ago they should do one of two things

1. Create a spin off style show where homer and marge are younger. It would be a fresh start and could have some good stories.

2. Let them age! It would have been better 10 years ago as by now Lisa would be 18 and Bart 20. Let them actually grow old in the show and don't do future flashforwards. It would have added depth to the show.
s45gr32  +   211d ago
You know that would of being fantastic. An example would be "The Rugrats all grown up" were they are no longer babies but small kids.
SouthClaw  +   211d ago
Its funny you say that. I told my idea to a mate of mine years ago. One day he came up to me and said you know they stole your idea and used it for rugrats. I was like wow....

(of course they didn't steal my idea lol)
Soldierone  +   211d ago
People got a little mad at the Rugrats one. "They are cartoons, they don't age."

I personally still enjoyed it. Also I think they attempted it with Dora or something too, but that didn't work as well.

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