Resident Evil-Inspired TV Show Set to Arrive in 2015

A Resident Evil inspired TV show is coming. Entitled ARKLAY, the show will focus on detective James Reinhardt who is investigating the suspicious murders of Raccoon City.

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Porcelain_Chicken1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

OMG too f**king awesome!! I hope it's good! After Re6 and Paul W.S Anderson's next and (hopefully) last abomination, Resident Evil:Afterbirth (working title) the franchise will need some reviving.

This and the RE Gamecube remake remaster (LOL) might actually turn the Resident Evil boat around. A boat that has been stuck on a strip of seaweed in the middle of the ocean for 7 years.

WizzroSupreme1586d ago

I have high hopes this'll lead to some kind of video game reboot to tie into as well. Wesker, Umbrella, they all need to die and be buried. Start over the mythology and get to work giving the series a new coat of paint.

Porcelain_Chicken1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yeah, just 1 problem with that. Capcom. They thought action was the way to go after Re4 and it blew-up in their face with Re6 & Orc. They thought Devil may cry needed a reboot (Nice going Nero fans -_-). Yet they blame fans for coming up short.

Hopefully The Walking Dead shows them that their horror origins are definitely the way to go with live-action. And if the remaster sells well it'll spark a cobweb covered, dust-riddled, cockroach poop infested light-bulb in their head. And they'll delve back into their roots which is the ONE FRIGGIN THING WE EVER WANTED.

A complete reboot would be great. Clean slate keeping maybe only the essentials like Raccoon city. The Arklay mountain. And Umbrella corporation. Oh and most importantly and i can't friggin stress this enough, ONLY ONE BAD VIRUS and that being the T-virus (and the anti-virus of course). Send the C, G, X, T-veronica, Progenitor, T+G, Cameron, t-Abyss, Plagas and that Uroboros cr@p to f***ing h3ll!

No Chris, no Wesker or any recurring characters. Start clean. I'll stop here. I'm getting too excited.

-Foxtrot1585d ago

After the films and the recent games I honestly have no hope for this at all.

It will be using RE themes and that's it.