James Gunn Explains Why Infinity Stone Is Purple Instead Of Red In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well, it turns out that there is a rather simple explanation behind the color change. In a response this morning to fans asking about the color change of the Power Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn responded, “The power stone is purple because the aether already took red. And it's a better color for GotG.”

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RetrospectRealm1592d ago

The most obvious answer to this question ever.

Porcelain_Chicken1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Well that solves that, sure. Now let's ask Thor 2 director Alan Taylor on why the Aether was red and we'll be one step closer to solving this mystery gang. (See what i did there? Mystery. Gang. Scooby-doo! James Gunn!?! xD eh nvm. :l )

So was the Alspark... erh... uh.. Tessaract suppose to be blue? O_-

RetrospectRealm1592d ago

I think Red just fit with the color palette of Thor: The Dark World. It contrasted all the blues and dark colors. Guardians seemed to have a lot of purples, greens, and blues in its color palette.

coolbeans1590d ago

Anyone who saw Thor: The Dark World would already know this.

ironfist921590d ago

I thought the stones on the Gauntlet were different colours?

Im no marvel fanboy, i just take what goes on screen.

Porcelain_Chicken1590d ago

They are. The Power stone is red in the comics. It was changed to purple in the movie because they made the Aether stone in Thor 2 red. Which is actually meant to be yellow. As RR said above me they probably just swapped out the colors due to the new color fitting the overall color pallette alot better.

The gems are.

Soul (Green)
Time (Orange)
Space (Purple) --> Tesseract (Blue in the movie)
Mind (Blue)
Reality (Yellow) --> Aether (Red in the movie)
Power (Red) --> The Orb (Purple in the movie)

Ha! I just geeked out. :b Hope that helps. If you're confused, blame Marvel. xD

ironfist921590d ago

Oh neat, so are the rest going to show up in the other movies?

What about in Avengers 2, or Ultron himself?

Chevalier1590d ago

Loki's sceptre has the mind gem, it was green.

Porcelain_Chicken1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


That's the plan! Thanos fits his glove with beddazling new jewellery. He becomes a time controlling, matter bending, reality twisting God. Then a couple of humans take turns punching him in the face while cracking one-liners and he dies.

So yeah, beddazled glove, abnormal skin pigmentation, god-like, he's like the Micheal Jackson of the Marvel universe, except of course the fact that it was only 1 human that got Mj. :( <3 R.I.P


Hmm, it was green but was that really the stone? I mean he did brainwash people with it but it hasn't exactly been confirmed by Marvel. In a universe where there is a reference around every corner you'd think Loki or Fury would have made a bigger fuzz about it!

Chevalier1589d ago

Thano's servant goes out of his way to say his master gave him power and they highlighted at the end of Winter soldier. I assume it's power over the mind is what allows Hydra to control the twins. I will have to watch Guardians of the Galaxy again to confirm it, but, they show them on the screen when the Collector has the power gem and starts describing the Infinity stones.

mahmoods261590d ago

Well as long as they're there that's what matters isn't it.

I don't mind the colour change as long as there's a good payoff.

cell9891590d ago

I'm still wishing the villains used the stones power accordingly, so far only Loki knew how to use the mind control gem and the space gem. The power gem was totally miss used by Rohan. And the reality gem wasted by Malekith

Chevalier1590d ago

Was the reality gem hard to control maybe? I don't know too much about how the gems where supposed to be used. Other than the obvious mind gem. Rohan didn't seem to know much other than Thanos wanted it, not sure a sane person would just grab one like he did.

cell9891589d ago

Well in the comics, Thanos is able to use their powers accordingly. Even their previews users were known for their unique abilities acquired from the gems, like The Runner would use the space gem to travel extremely fast all over the universe etc etc. I always imagined Malekeith would know the aether was the reality gem and would no how to use it, but nope