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The GCE writes: "Ah, another chance for Michael Bay to ruin a part of my childhood. Bay has taken my beloved Transformers and reduced them to the point where I would much rather have someone melt them all down and create some really cool things. Wait, you’re telling me that was the plot of the most recent Transformers movie? If it wasn’t already apparent, let me spell something out here: in no way was I looking forward to seeing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie… at all. That being said, I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would be."

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RetrospectRealm1586d ago

Loved that opening line. Made me laugh. Haha

-Foxtrot1586d ago

Oh dear...totally didn't expect these review scores.... /s

RetrospectRealm1586d ago

Did you expect better or worse?

-Foxtrot1586d ago

Worse, I mean the other one is not the best film in the world but good god this one looked like shit

I mean the director is crap, the CGI looks really bad, the Turtles look weird, Megan Fox can't act to save her life, Shredder....not even going to go there, story looked "meh".

It was just one of those films where after the the reveal, it slaps you on the face and it says "I'm going to be terrible".

RetrospectRealm1586d ago

Not even gonna reply with what I actually what I want to say. Lol

Soldierone1584d ago

Did you actually see it, or are those comments purely based off the trailers?