AMC Leaves Daryl Out Of TWD Season 5 Pic, Norman Reedus Listens To Sad Songs And Thanks Fans


With The Walking Dead Season 5 set to premiere in just a couple months, it’s that time of the year when AMC toys with fans to make them think Daryl Dixon might be getting killed off. On Thursday, AMC posted a photo of the gang that was locked up in the train car at Terminus with one notable character missing. Yes, the gang’s all there, except for Daryl Dixon.

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blue_cheese1587d ago

how did this show make it to five seasons lol.

vanethe1587d ago

its a good show , but it gets repetitive like a dog chasing his own tail..

Soldierone1587d ago

Could say that about almost any show. CSI for example, oh joy, someone died, political drama at the office, odd twist comes out of no where and the person that was clearly not guilty is somehow guilty now. Yay!

The nice thing about TWD is the characters and the way the show is makes it so you expect a twist, you just don't know when it will happen and how.

blue_cheese1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

yeah i watched season 1-3 and then quit. the show had some great moments but character writing was kind of bad for everyone who wasn't Darryl, Rick, or Carl. most of the seasons episodes were throw-aways that did little to advance any of the plot, only until the last three episodes of the season would it start moving forward. too much of nothing for me to stay invested. it just amazes me that the show is still going, its really nothing like the comic, so i don't see much of the draw.

SpeedDemon1587d ago

I don't know, might have something to do with it being one of the most watched shows ever.

StarWarsFan1587d ago

Without Daryl, the show just wouldn't be as appealing to me. He's such a cool character. It would be like a Batman movie without Batman.

Pillsbury11587d ago

No not Daryl! He's one of the most fleshed out and dynamic characters on the show! They are really trying to run this show into the ground.

KillaManiac1587d ago


If you think about it Daryl, Carol, Beth and Tyrese are all missing.

e-p-ayeaH1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

This show needs to end soo inconsistent it will never top season 1.

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