Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Perfect or Problematic?

When Warner Bros. and DC entertainment decided to turn what is ultimately set to be a sequel to the last Superman film ‘Superman: Man of Steel’, into a Batman Vs. Superman extravaganza, reactions were mixed. Not just mixed but tainted with suspicion and weary vigilance. Have fans of the franchise not seen this sort of cinematic over-reach before? Marvel may have found their mojo with 2012 ‘The Avengers’, but DC doesn’t even do its stand alone films as well – with the exception of Christopher Nolans dazzling Dark Knight trilogy – DC and their various rights holders are still trying to figure out how they can turn their comic behemoths into on-screen leviathans without first messing up the casting, narrative, direction and marketing of the film. Zack Snyder’s 2013 Superman reboot ‘Man of Steel’ was a solid entry into the archives, but will anybody really see Henry Cavill’s Superman depiction as a genuine cultural rival within the industry to that of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man or Chris Hemsworth as Thor? The challenge for Dawn of Justice needs to be met and won on four fronts.

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WizzroSupreme1587d ago

Of course it's not perfect; nothing is. What's problematic is the casting thus far. It's been half and half with getting Affleck one minute and Eisenberg the next. For every Jason Momoa, you get a Gal Gadot, and with something that has Batman and Superman in it, fans can't settle for a middle of the road film.

I trust Ben's Batman, but not Snyder's, so it's an interesting road this film's going down. Batman's Nolan legacy is hard to beat, but if you can make a perfect BATMAN comic booky version, that can save it. I just don't know if this Lex can.