Deadpool Movie Screenwriter Launches Campaign To Get Film Made


Following a new surge in popularity and interest, Deadpool film writer Rhett Reese is mounting a Twitter campaign to help get the film made.

The plan seems to be to make Fox acutely aware of how much money they’re leaving on the table by not making a Deadpool movie. Reese is encouraging his followers to “break the Internet” by retweet his initial Tweet (see below) if they would spend money on a movie ticket to see Deadpool.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1588d ago

It would be awesome if they make a deadpool movie similar to the test footage we got to see.

strangeaeon1588d ago

Deadpool is one of Marvel's coolest characters, but not one that can can carry a film that would make nearly enough money for Fox to take notice.

JP13691588d ago

Yeah, because action movies with fast talking, smartass protagonists never sell. /s

Ninte1588d ago

This could be a fun movie and i'm not familiar with the deadpool character much like Guardians of the Galaxy and yes origins did ruin deadpool but if it can lead to another movie that would be awesome.

kaelix1588d ago

It would be better if it were rated R but thats never going to happen marvel is already stapled itself to the pg13 crowd and will never go to please the R rated audience :(

Soldierone1588d ago

They better do it while he is peaking. Deadpool is massive right now because of casual readers, it won't last much longer. (A film would change that because it would keep people latched on longer)