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5 Marvel Characters That Deserve A Netflix Show

Picking out 5 Marvel characters that have currently not been seen in the MCU that would best suit a Netflix show over a feature film.

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04roacht1593d ago

Changed it to VOD but is still says Cinema? Any ideas how to fix this?

Soldierone1593d ago

I think The Punisher would make for a friggin sweet show!

I do have one question, since it isn't theater released movies, does that mean they are allowed to use Spider-Man properties? If so then Kaine's Scarlet Spider would make a wicked show.

yoshiroaka1592d ago

From what i understand, Marvel do still own the rights to their properties for tv. Like spiderman for example.

Sony owns the movie rights but marvel can still make a spiderman tv show. At least i think so :/ dont quote me on that tho lol.

WizzroSupreme1593d ago

Always though an X-Men show'd be boss if they could pull of the budget.

yoshiroaka1592d ago

Oh man! Ghost rider and punisher would be awesome!

But i cant imagine ghostrider working tho. Seems too CG heavy. That would be expensive for tv.