Warner Bros. Blinks in Marvel Showdown: ‘Batman v Superman’ Avoids ‘Captain America 3'

From The Wrap:

Just days after Marvel showed the strength of its brand with a $94 million haul for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Warner Bros. has decided to release “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 3D on March 25, 2016, avoiding a high-profile showdown with “Captain America 3” on May 6, 2016.

The studio has also revealed release dates for an entire slate of movies based on DC Comics

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Crazay1589d ago

AWESOME! The sooner the better in my opinion

-Foxtrot1589d ago


That game of Chicken ended quite quickly

When you have to move a film with Batman AND Superman, among many others for Captain America it's a little embarrassing

Crazay1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

hardly - I think the movie is going to be ready sooner than originally thought. Besides, I think it's bad for the industry to have 2 juggernauts head to head on the same week like that.

This is good news - but why bother? You crap on this movie at every turn anyway.

-Foxtrot1589d ago

"I think it's bad for the industry to have 2 juggernauts head to head on the same week like that."'s fun, you get to see who comes out on top

Why bother? Jeez what is with you, are you bi polar or something. One minute your fine, then next you b**** about my comments. Free country mate, I don't shit all over your comments do I

Why can't people just respect peoples opinions. Dosen't matter what people's opinions are, you can't hide what *you* don't want to see/hear. Have a little respect man, I thought you were better then that.

RetrospectRealm1589d ago

I normally don't get along too well with Crazay, but I'm with him on this. Why would any two big studios keep HUGE releases on the same day? Lol, that's stupid on part of both studios. Marvel wanted that spot and knew DC would move, so they took it. Both studios wouldn't make as much money if they both stayed.

And to be honest, everyone "b****es" about your comments. Or at least in private message they do. Lmao

RetrospectRealm1589d ago

Yes, exactly. Too many people just want to see rivals go head to head but it's stupid from the studios' standpoint. Lol If let's say $60m on opening night and half of moviegoers/comic book fans went to each one. That's $30m each but could've been $60m for one of them had they not been on the same day!

darklordzor1589d ago

This is the truth. One of these films was ALWAYS going to move. Frankly, neither of the films would come out on top in this instance. The audience would be divided and they'd both do worse than they otherwise would have.

It's simple business at that point. Besides which, I think WB made the smart move. Did the "flinch"? Sort of, but at the same time, I think they did it in the smartest way possible. Now they have an entire month to themselves, in a month that typically doesn't have blockbusters, and give themselves the lead over Marvel moving into the Summer.

They may have blinked, but damn did they play it smart.

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Crazay1589d ago

I don't always disagree with you. But some movies you're over the top pissed off and angry about for no reason but this movie in particular, I don't think there's going to be any pleasing you and that's really unfortunate because I honestly think they're doing right by DC comic fans and I predict this movie is huge.

-Foxtrot1589d ago

I think you'll find I voice concerns with ANY movie (or game) if you read my comments. I praise, I criticize that my friend is the point of comment sections are sites like this one.

Doing right by DC fans (in your opinion anyway) but for they aren't. I read more DC then Marvel and it's easier for me to pick things from DC part. I mean casting is a start, it's not just one person but three and they are main roles. Once you start with casting then that's it. I love Soctt Pilgrim and I love Edgar Wright but I couldn't stand the film because Michael Cera was miscast and ruined the film for me.

I'm not going to like it for the sake of it.

The sad part is my original comment above wasn't even dig at the movie or casting in general just over the fact they moved dates.

"and I predict this movie is huge"

Course it will be but it doesn't mean it's going to be ground breaking.

I like Man of Steel, I took it for what it is but I think it's a terrible DC film with most of the flaws in that film that related with source material problems.

darklordzor1589d ago

How on earth was Michael Cera miscast in Scott Pilgrim?! Seriously, in the comics, that's pretty much how he acts all the time. I can't think of someone who could have done it better, and genuinely enjoyed his portrayal of the character.

Porcelain_Chicken1589d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaat a surprise bashing DC again. And lookey here, the "respect my totally non-troll opinion" and the "I'm a fan of both" cards have already been played. It was moved UP!! SOONER! In what world is that a bad thing?

Also you think Batman & Superman can't outdo Cap??? For reals? o_- You know 1 BvS logo picture was more talked about at last years comic-con right? A comic-con where Marvel announced Avengers 2 & GOTG. You know BvS was the most talked about movie at THIS year's comic-con and WW was the most talked about new superhero/superheroine right? <_>

Let me put it in perspective. ONE picture of the Batman/Superman logo got more attention than Marvel's announcement for their future plans including Age of Ultron, Doctor strange, GOTG and Cap 3 and a line-up that stretched nearing the 2030's THAT my friend is embarrassing. The Russo brothers compared the BvS Vs. Cap3 as two trucks on a head to head collision course were 1 of them would blink at the last second. This is more along the lines of a truck changing lanes to avoid crushing a squirrel. Disagree away. Unless maybe me, Crazay, and RetrospectRealm aren't all just accusing you for absolutely no reason.

Soldierone1589d ago

I don't think it's a fear threat for two reasons.

1 Releasing it on the same day as Captain A no matter what cuts into your profits. With this being WB's leading film that will most likely help budget the rest, they need the most profit possible. You may "win" the battle, but every single person that see's Captain A is a possible loss.

Meanwhile Captain A is just a film for Marvel. It isn't "as" important to them, so they wouldn't budge.

2 Look where they moved it. It's still battling Captain A because it could still be lingering in theaters by the time Captain releases. If anything it is more like shots fired.