23 Minutes Of Deleted The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scenes


Hit the jump to check out every deleted scene from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Come see Electro and his mommy, another Richard Parker scene and the Flash Thompson cameo.

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KingPin1587d ago

this movie was absolute shit!!
the entire thing shouldve been a deleted scene.

way too much emotions...if anyone cries this much in their life they should just kill themselves. seriously.

just please stop making spider man movies already.

WizzroSupreme1587d ago

Crying doesn't imply weakness Mr. KingPin. Sometimes letting it all out is the bravest thing of all... :)

KingPin1586d ago

i never said he shouldn't cry at all Mr gruver....i just said he shouldn't cry way too much. makes him look like a lil whining b!tch.

almost every scene when he's peter, hes crying. WTF!!

its like kick-ass and hit girl will fluck him up no sweat. :P and they not even real comic book superheroes with any powers.

thorstein1587d ago

Exactly. The 1st three were fine. Toby McGuire was the best part of them, but the story was a bit weak, he still carried it.

I would love to see him reprise his role in least as a cameo.

DarkBlood1587d ago

Emotions releases your super sayian powers yo

WizzroSupreme1587d ago

I'm proud to say I was one of the few people that genuinely liked this film. The deleted scenes only made it better. Not Spider-man 2, no, but the most unbelievably believable relationships that Peter Parker ever had onscreen.

Yi-Long1587d ago

I haven't sene the movie yet but from what I've read in the reviews and comments, it just seems they tried to pack too much stuff in to few minutes, which means it was probably cut extensively for it's cinematic release.

Hopefully, we'll get a complete director's cut that will do the movie more justice.

dota2champion1587d ago

the trailer spoiled the entire movie

Crazay1587d ago

I had no issue with it either. I'm looking forward to the next movie.

dota2champion1587d ago

i can't believe they didn't include the scene of green goblin attacking oscorp in the movie