10 Lessons From The Surprising Success Of Guardians of the Galaxy


Just a few months ago, everybody was writing about how "risky" Guardians of the Galaxy was for Marvel, and what would happen if it tanked. But the crazy space movie with no big-name stars in it had one of the year's biggest openings instead. And here are 10 lessons that we hope people learn from this.

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RetrospectRealm1594d ago

I don't find Guardians' success all that surprising and as much of a gamble by Marvel Studios as many people hype it up to be. Marvel Studios is obviously one of the biggest studios in the world now, especially after Avengers, now anything they make will turn to gold no matter what pretty much. As long as it isn't atrociously bad, then it should make very good money.

Soldierone1594d ago

I'm more interested to see how movies like Ant Man do.

Guardians was the "I've never really heard of that" title, but people were interested. Ant Man is "I've heard of that, and I don't really care" title haha. I'm sure it has a small fanbase, but even comic fans I talk with are basically saying "meh, it should be alright"

Soldierone1594d ago

Great article with some great points!

Personally I think I agree that Marvel is a pretty big powerhouse, but I don't think that is entirely what saved Guardians. I think marketing played a huge role in it too. I read comics, but never really paid much attention to this one. Even the people making it never read the comics, as they've admitted.

Even with Marvels name attached to it I was still going "ehh, sounds alright" right up until they started showing it off. First it was looking like a big action movie, so meh. Then they made it funny, and more funny, and more entertaining, until it got to a point of "I really want to see that!" Right before we saw it my girlfriend even went "when we first saw the trailer it looked really lame, but it looks funny now!"

RetrospectRealm1593d ago

I think one of the things in marketing that really sold it was the music in the trailers. The movie wasn't just score, which a lot of people actually find boring. It was damn good songs from a great decade.

Soldierone1593d ago

Loved that too. If I'm not mistaken the whole movie pretty much didn't have a score at all, which was neat. They used classic songs instead, which is hard to do properly!

Areas that would normally have cheesy score music to fill the gap had nothing at all. I found that unique since it didn't need music to push emotions.

RetrospectRealm1593d ago

Actually, the film did have a score by Tyler Bates which played quite a bit. But like almost every other Marvel film, the score was forgettable and not that good. Lol So it went almost unnoticed.

Although I do think that the cassette tape being the source of all the songs being kind of a cop-out for a reason to have good music. Most of the songs didn't really have a meaning and did not enhance any meanings in the film. Tarantino and Scorsese are still the best directors to use music to make it actually mean something.

WizzroSupreme1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

The biggest lesson of all? We are all Groot. *sniff, sniff*

Software_Lover1593d ago

I'm not gonna lie, from the commercials and trailers leading up to the movie I thought it was gonna be corny. It has probably been the best action movie I've seen since the spring. Godzilla is now 2nd. This movie was pretty funny and the CG was on point.

I was impressed.