Marvel, Please Stop Pretending to Kill Your Heroes


Marvel has another critical and box office mega-hit on its hands with Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet for all the super-powered action, witty banter, and MacGuffin chasing we’ve come to expect, there’s one aspect of Marvel’s storytelling that saps a little more suspense with each passing film: The studio’s signature move of killing off that beloved character and then—volia!—bringing him right back to life.

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Soldierone1591d ago

Could say the same thing about the comics themselves. It's an easy thing to write to very easily get emotions running in the crowd. That's why it's used so often.

Guardians broke formula elsewhere, so I wasn't too mad about one easy way out.

gigoran1591d ago

Heroes that die and return later? Um... are you new to comics or something? Cause for decades, MANY decades, pretty much since hero comics came about, heroes dying and miraculously returning has been there. Maybe start watching different movies if this bothers you enough to tell the world about it.