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TVF True Blood Review: Dancing With Death

With the majority of players back in Bon Temps, we first caught up with Eric and Pam this week on True Blood Season 7 Episode 7.

Proving himself worthy of his additional screen time was Gus Jr., as he brought a fresh approach to the questioning of Amber. Later, Unlike Cush's dad in Jerry Maguire, his world really did prove stronger than oak as he waited for Eric and Pam before going to get Sarah.

And what do we have here? Bill is examined by a testy doctor in this scene from True Blood.

While they took a rather unorthodox route toward finding a scientific antidote to the virus, Sookie looked for a cure to her problems through some nonconventional means.

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alycakes1597d ago

They need to hurry up and find Sara and get her blood before everyone dies. I know they can't kill all of them off at the end of the whole series.