Anthony Mackie On Possibility Of Falcon Taking Over For Captain America In The Movies

Marvel Comics recently announced that Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon, would be taking over as Captain America in the comic books. At Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, asked Anthony Mackie if he had heard anything in regards to if The Falcon might be stepping into Captain America’s shoes in the movies as well.

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-Foxtrot1593d ago

I really hope this doesn't happen. Bucky needs to take over first and at least get a film trilogy out with him as Captain America.....THEN Anthony can take over.

They could do one film with Anthony after Bucky then the other two films in Anthonys trilogy could see the return of Steve Rogers...whether or not Chris Evans would play him again who knows although by the time you get three Bucky films out and one Anthony film a LOT of years would of passed for Evans to try out other things.

ironfist921591d ago

I can get behind that.

With Robert Downy Jr leaving as well, we could have essentially what is an Avengers 2nd Generation of characters

WizzroSupreme1585d ago

I'd be down with that. The comic tie-in almost seems to suggest that possibility at this time. After all, we don't even know how long Steve would really stay with the mantle anyway. I imagine him going rogue completely from the government in Cap 3, maybe even die.