Trailers Better Than The Original Movies

So, here in this topic we are just going to talk about the trailers that were actually far better than the original movie. For the list, we are going to take a look at those trailers that looked so full of promise, but the original movies failed to fulfill that promise. The short trailers were made to entice audiences to see the whole film, but unfortunately they disappointed us.

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hammad4121594d ago

Transformers revenge of the fallen and Godzilla are actually good movies. i dont know why are they present in this list :P

-Foxtrot1594d ago

Iron Man 3

Iron Man vs The Mandarin in an epic battle of wit after the Mandarin turned his world upside down....then reality hit us after we watched it.

acemonkey1593d ago

The "real" Mandarin is alive watch the marvel one shots on the dvds... but yes it did suck that in the movie he wasnt in it..but im sure he will be in a movie soon

-Foxtrot1593d ago

Oh I just seemed like a total 180 after Shane Black said he was happy with what he did and he wouldn't change anything....then he comes out with the One Shot film totally going against his idea. Obviously he f**** up and MARVEL gave him a chance to fix it.

It would of also been an epic end to Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man even more people want him to return because they want to see him fight the real Mandarin.

If the Mandarin is fighting a new Iron Man then it won't be the same.

ajax171593d ago

Definitely Spider-Man 3! What a turd!

Alxe1593d ago

totally agreed with it... Spider-Man 3 was just nothing

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