Dominion 1.07 Review: “Ouroburos” | TVOM

TVOM: "This episode of Dominion is only two plots for me which is good. I don’t like shows that seventeen different plots that you have to manage and then connect to the next episode. The first plot investigates Michael and his past. I couldn’t have cared less. You might have maybe talked about what he did in the past. The writers didn’t need to focus on it. He could have given Alex the book and had the questions ready. I thought Gabriel possessing higher angels and bringing up Noah’s Ark was a nice touch. There was no need to films to film those extra scenes of Michael that just wasted time. I did, though, think that it was cool on Alex’s part to finally get an eviction that worked, I think. I know that Gabriel went back to his body but I’m not quite sure what happened to the angel’s body he was possessing."

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