Why A Black Widow Solo Movie Will Not Happen

With the future line up of Marvel films being talked about many films are being suggested. One is Black Widow, however there are some issues with a Black Widow movie. This is why it shouldn't happen.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31596d ago

I hate to burst the author's bubble here, but a Black Widow movie is a lot more likely than (s)he would like to believe. With films nowadays catering more and more to the female demo(and benefiting greatly from it) Marvel has plenty of incentive to pursue a Black Widow film. Especially since the Widow is their most recognizable female character.

Granted, she isn't the most interesting character, but if you were to pair her with somebody else (not unlike the proposed Green Lantern/Flash film) I think it could be successful. We already got a taste of that with Winter Soldier, and it would give Marvel an opportunity to explore(code for pimp) the shield organization(code for the Shield tv show).

Ms. Marvel does play a role in the avengers, but she has never really been an interesting character either. I don't see room for her in the current lineup that already sports Black Widow and soon to be Scarlett Witch.

Porcelain_Chicken1596d ago

Agreed!! With the Hunger games and Divergent craze going on, and Scarlett's 'Lucy' opening to a great start Marvel would be stupid not too. Marvel just released a movie with a talking tree & racoon combo. I doubt they're doubting any character at this point. **whispers** "Except maybe Mandarin".

I guarantee a Black Widow movie is being churned as we speak.

P.S idk wtf churned means. I heard it somewhere today and decided to use it. Sorry if i offended someone or something. (,_, )

Defectiv3_Detectiv31595d ago

It's all good, I don't think any Amish post on this site.

Porcelain_Chicken1595d ago

Haha ok I get it now. Technically it fit the context of what I was trying to get across. So I regret nothing!!!