First (Low-Res) Look Josh Brolin's Thanos In Guardians of the Galaxy

From CBM:

The Mad Titan's role in Guardians of the Galaxy isn't exactly a secret, but if you wish to get an early look the fully-CG Thanos (Josh Brolin) ahead of the Marvel film's release, check out this pic via Instagram.

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darklordzor757d ago

I really enjoyed his look in the film, and he has a very commanding presence. I can't wait to see more of it!

Crazay757d ago

Holy Schnikies! That's Josh Brolin? Looks awesome.

darklordzor757d ago

I don't know that it's actually him being mo-capped for the film. I think in this one he's just doing the voice.

azshorty2003757d ago

I am VERY pleased. Thanos is my favorite, and them screwing him up was my greatest fear.

X-Alchemist757d ago

just watched it. Thanos was cool, the film was okay though wasn't shit but wasn't spectacular either.

dota2champion757d ago

Did they fight Thanos? Or did Thanos just chill on his throne?

Dannycr757d ago

Nobody is going to fight Thanos until the last movie.

Thanos may be seen destroying some stuff or killing people/planets, but as secondary stuff just to show people how much of a threat/tyrant Thanos is.

dota2champion756d ago

what last movie are you talking about? the guardian of the galaxy? the avengers? or the last marvel film where all the marvel heroes team up?

yocdub756d ago

Do yourself a favor and look up "The Infinity Gauntlet" An amazing Marvel comic book story line that came out in the late 90's which this entire Marvel Movie series is leading up to.

cell989757d ago

wow looks like a total badass, and very focused, very commanding. Like a f-ing BOSS!!!

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