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In 1997 Luc Besson’s career appeared to be on a meteoric rise after the release of The Fifth Element. After that film’s worldwide success his career began to level off and he began focusing more time on writing and producing while only occasionally directing. Lately however he’s been more active as a director; Lucy is his second major release within the past year after the action-comedy The Family.

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thorstein1594d ago

I'll be honest, I was excited for this movie. I was intrigued all through the pressing and the hype. Then fell the trailer wherein the horribly, scientifically inaccurate phrase was uttered: "What if there was a way of accessing 100% of our brain? What might we be capable of?"

And it was Morgan Freeman, someone who loves science! He knows better!

Not following well known science ruins your science fiction. Yes it is fiction, but you still have to follow established rules.