TVF Teen Wolf Review: No One Else Dies

The body count was rising on Teen Wolf, but it may have met its end.

If Alpha Scott has anything to say about it, Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 will hold the last supernatural death. That's great news for Derek fans, as Lydia discovered his name was the final cipher, marking him for death.

We saw a lot of the scenes from the initial Teen Wolf Season 4 trailer, including Derek stumbling upon a horde of dead bodies as well as his great quote about Stiles:

Malia: Maybe we need to do something different. Maybe we need to think like Stiles.
Derek: Like a hyperactive spaz?
Malia: Like a detective.
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That's right, Derek, other people think Stiles has mad skills and his girls Malia and Lydia have faith in him. Given that it's your name cracking dead pool ciphers, I suggest you give him some respect!

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alycakes1603d ago

OMG! This season no one is safe and it makes me wonder who else will die before it's all over.