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Why I Am More Worried Than Ever That Batman V Superman Will Disappoint

CBM: After reading the multiple posts and articles all over the interwebs stating that "DC Won Comic-Con" and "Batman V Superman just beat Avengers" in response to the footage shown at Comic-Con that had also since leaked to the internet, I felt that I should openly express my level of concern that Warner Brothers is once again setting us all up for disappointment.

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Porcelain_Chicken1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Wait so his argument as to why it will suck is because he ASSUMES it's a copy & paste of TDKReturns (his only proof being Batman's "Iron Bat" suit?) and doesn't see how that'll lead to a JL movie? <_> mkay. Counter argument time. I'll try & be brief.

Rewatch MoS, Superman in MoS wasn't a lackey of the government. Judging by the Iron bat & the Dark knight returns quote from SDCC'13 it's completely safe to assume that they'll only use the TDKReturns as a point of refrence to help mold this new Batman. Also WW is in this, wasn't in TDKReturns. Obvious at this point. Problem solved.

Also, "Unfortunately Green Lantern, Dark Knight Rises, & Man of Steel all managed to fail to meet expectations of many". Now i'm gonna counter that.

GL is for all intents and purposes a flop. Agreed. But TDKR is voted pretty damn high on Metacritic, RT, & IMDB. Higher than most other DC & Marvel movies. Plus it crossed the billion mark. Not sure how that qualifies as disappointment from either fans or the studio. And Man of Steel made $668,045,518 worldwide with $100,400,380 accumulating in dvd & Blu-ray sales. That's $768,445,898! After an accumulate total of 3 Superman flops from both Donner & Singer that's not bad. Sure MoS got unfavourable reviews (mostly from critics who thought Superman Returns IS the definitive version of Superman...). It has favorable reviews from fans with a %76 rating on RT and a 7.3 out of 10 on Imdb. Long story short it tripled it's budget and got good (not great) fan reception.

Porcelain_Chicken1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Part 2.

There's good signs to this being a good movie everywhere.

Chris Terrio: We have an Oscar winning writer working on this, we know for a fact that he re-wrote the first draft a couple of times so we know the script will be top-notch. Or at least better than Man of Steel's shaky script. Couple that with Snyders image-ry-ness and we might have something truly special.

Ben Affleck: (yes. seriously). Affleck used to be a joke in Hollywood for his questionable choices in movies early on in his career. From Armaggedon, to Pearl Harbor, to Gigli he had a pretty poor resume'. But lately he's really turned it around. Movies like State of Play, Hollywoodland, The Town, Argo, The company men, and even the Gone Girl trailer show us he definitely has talent. He even won an award for Best picture with Argo. Even critically acclaimed directors like Chris Nolan and Quentin Tarantino don't have one of those and that was only Affleck's 3rd movie. With that WB offered Affleck a golden ticket of making any movie with any budget. It's safe to say his career had pulled a complete 180 by that point and life was good. Then why would Ben accept the Batman role if he thought there was the slightest chance of it flopping due to whatever reason? Especially after he swore off superheroes forever when everyone blamed HIM of all people for Daredevil. He WOULD NOT risk his new found repution and the risk of being shamed for ruining Batman if he wasn't %100 sure that BvS would be good.

Snyder. (Yes, really): It's safe to assume Snyder is a DC comics fanboy. Like em or hate them Watchmen & Man of Steel were faithful to their source material. Although he did take some liberties with MoS. It gave us a serious Superman more akin to the comics. But this project is his most ambitious. All eyes are on him. HIS CAREER is on the line here. The success of BvS (his dream project may i add) will either succeed and lead to him continuing on to JL and then to MoS2 & 3. OR it'll flop and he'll go the way of Greg Berlanti (Green Lanter 2011) and get sent back to TV. Would he honestly risk his entire career on a gamble like Gadot & Eisenberg if he didn't know for a fact that they were a good fit!? Was anyone in Watchmen, 300, Man of Steel, Dawn of the dead miscast?

Honestly, i think that about covers it. Feel free to counter my arguments my fellow FilmWatcheans.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1601d ago

Wow lol. You weren't kidding. You thought a lot about this didn't ya! Well it's a pretty good argument. You actually reassured me a little more than I already was! XD you deserve a bub+ just for the sheer amount on research you had to go through. Go ask for Cazay & Darklordzor's opinions on this now.

CobraKai1601d ago

The reason I can't buy this movie because I can't get over the fact that I'll be seeing Superman getting his butt whooped by Ben Affleck. He's not good enough to make me believe he's anyone other than Ben Affleck.

Affleck won for his directing. And I have to say that is where his talent lies. Acting... He tries but the best he can accomplish is passable. Argo? He was playing Ben Affleck with long hair and beard.

Why would he play Batman? Cuz they paid him. Put enough zeroes on that check and he'll play anything regardless of what he said. Remember he's an actor not an idealist.

UltraNova1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I agree with both porcelain and cabrakai here, even If I wil have a hard time watching this film knowing its batflek under that suit.

What worries me is the ridiculously horrendously un-imaginably huge expectations we have for this movie...

That being said even if the film ends up just good it will still get shred to pieces by both fans and critics again due to high expectations(screw the critics of course).

What also worries me is that they will use the same superman from man of steel. Ok you might be thinking now what the hell is this guy talking about the guy was the perfect superman!

Yes I totally agree too, but after watching this version of Superman in MoS 15 times (I love it that much yes)I cant shake the feeling that I will be disappointed when I see his inevitably striped down version in BvS for the sake of giving Batman a chance and lets be real as smart and resourceful as Batman is against Superman he will have his hand full. I guess kryptonite will be used allot this time..

I know it has to happen but it doesn't mean I have to like it too.

RetrospectRealm1600d ago

Lmfao You randomly wrag on Tarantino and Nolan saying they didn't get best picture on their third films. Like anyone would say Affleck is a better director than Tarantino or Nolan. I agreed with most of your comment, but you were really reaching far with that comment.

Audiggity1600d ago

You just won at comments.

iamnsuperman1600d ago

Ben Affleck is the main reason why I am excited by this film. Not only is he a great director (so he can add the whole process) he is a darn good actor. People look at Ben as he was back when daredevil released (2003 a good 11 years ago)

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colonel1791601d ago

For me, the only thing that has me worried, is Jessie Eisenberg. I don't see any way how he can be Luthor. I have an open mind, and he can surprise everyone like Ledger did with the Joker, but really, the way he talks, and moves and acts, is in now way something I can imagine for a character such as Lex Luthor.

WizzroSupreme1601d ago

John DeLancie, Brent Spiner, or just going with Cranston like everybody always says, would be 3 times better than this.

Porcelain_Chicken1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Jesse is definitely a typecast in the whiny, angsty, scared, teenager in constant shock so he's definitely out of his zone. But so are we. Bale, Keaton, Reeve, Downey jr., Hemsworth and as you mentioned Ledger were all out of their element when cast so fan's initial reaction was O_o.

Let's look at Lex's persona real quick. Forget the Donner/Singer movies, forget the animated series as much as i loved those. Forget Lex's LOOKS altogether.

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is very powerful (monetary-wise), a cold, calculating, genius mind, who has the complete trust of Metropolis and a great shiny public image. The kinda guy you'd allow to kiss your baby while he (unbeknownst to you) is plotting to punch your baby square in the face. This is a guy who has the city torn between trusting and distrusting Superman. Who would honestly fill the "genius shiny white knight but secretly a kissing baby puncher" role better?

1. Jesse Eisenberg
2. Mark Strong
3. Ben Kingsley
4. Bryan Cranston

Forget the actor. Not a popularity contest lol. Just Imagine THE CHARACTER looking like one of these actors and realistically tell me who could more easily fake the good guy persona.

As for his voice he'll probably just use his regular voice. Like i said in most movies he's usually in a constant state of teenage angst, whininess, shocked or scared. In this he'll finally be playing a character his own age (30, IKR). With the serious tone of the of the movie, and Lex's cold and borderline psychotic behavior you won't even notice his higher pitched voice. Just look at Ozymandias in Watchmen. Actor Mathew Goode, is as thin and VISUALLY unthreatening actor as Eisenberg with an equally high voice. Didn't deepen it at all but because of the serious tone of the movie you don't ever really notice it. Especially over the sound of the heroes getting manipulated and kicked in the face lol. His threatening-ness (Ozymandias) came from calculated plans and panic inducing threatening actions. Not from buff toned abs and scary wrinkled frowny faces. It should be the same for Lex. Agreed? :b

acemonkey1601d ago

we all have the right to worried about the film, Marvel or DC fans

reading the comments on that blog or whatever you like to call it was funny.

Marvel Fanboy isnt scared or hoping BvS Dawn of justice will not come has to come out,but if it does suck and doesnt meet most of people hyped most of marvel fans will say i told you so

WizzroSupreme1601d ago

I'm more afraid about what the movie will bring as a precedent than anything else. Fail or succeed, we're stuck with Snyder as the man with his hand in the cookie jar

. I don't trust him to handle Justice League, or any spin-offs; Marvel's doing well by organizing its own team of writers and directors to shoulder more diversity.

For DC? Just Snyder, and it'll exhaust him eventually one way or another, and it won't be pretty; even worse if Batman V. Superman kills his career now.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Are you under the impression that after Snyder finishes the JL he'll go on to direct Man of steel 2, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and every other Dccu movie after that by himself? @_@ Surely WB is considering other directors and is just using Snyder as someone to set the tone for these characters. He did well enough with Superman. Wouldn't want some cr@p director giving us another "Green Lantern" would we? :o If Snyder and Terrio establish them well, then all other directors will have a template to work with and we won't get THIS!!!

(Insert Green Lantern on Earth with awkward cgi meme here)

Sorry I'm rubbish at making links. I'm using an iPad. :I

ironfist921601d ago

I agree with the author in regards to the plot of Batman and Superman beating the crap out of each other on their first outing. It feels like something which should be left to the climax of the film's series.

Logistically, it doesnt make sense for them to fight each other to the death, and then be chummy chums in the JL films and beyond.

The author is right about how stupid it would have been if Marvel started with Civil War, then went with Avengers. The relationship just wouldnt be believable and feel utterly contrived.

What I am hoping is that Superman is not himself, and that he is being manipulated by Lex somehow. That would be more believable (yet derivative as we've seen it countless times), and it would be as though Batman was trying to fight Superman to help him snap out, Superman would snap out and apologise, and then Batman and Superman would agree to have each others backs.

You dont start the worlds finest with a grudge match.

iamnsuperman1600d ago

"Logistically, it doesnt make sense for them to fight each other to the death, and then be chummy chums in the JL films and beyond"

Depends on how they do it. From what I saw in the Man of Steel Superman is a major liability for the human race. Sure humans were invading but he didn't show control (throwing bad guys all over the place). From what they have said about Batman so far (old crime fighter) it could work. It isn't enemy/hated type thing but more of a necessity (man protecting against a threat). As long as they end it well a JL team up can still work well

ironfist921600d ago

Well thats what the author talks about, the fight itself. The audience wants nothing less of a savage beatdown, if its just a few slaps then it basically renders the title of the film useless, but it means they can recover from it quicker than a fight to certain death.

But he also argues that you will piss off Superman fans if Batman wins (which will happen), or piss of Batman fans if Superman wins (should happen, but never will)

jordan84451601d ago

All of these movies are profusely overrated. Battery hens.

KingPin1601d ago

you mean overhyped not overrated.

overrated means getting a rated higher than it should, but i think since the comic book movies are all averaging 50s/100 (metacritic) its about right.

overhyped is when fans are expecting and hyping a movie up to be like its going to be the best super hero movie ever and will get a rating a 90/100 at least.

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