The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 6: Lockdown Review | Fandom Post

How much can the rank and file trust the captain with all that’s going on?

What They Say:
Lockdown – Panic spreads throughout the ship when Lt. Danny Green comes down with a mysterious illness. Chandler begins to lose faith in Rachel’s vaccine trials.

The Review:
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The Last Ship gave us a little more time on land the last time around with a hunt for some monkeys for Rachel to work some trials on, but it ended up spending a good bit of time with a former drug lord that was building up his own little empire with some of the survivors in an area that hadn’t been infected much yet. There’s some decent aspects to it as it goes on and as we see the way the men did what they felt was right in the situation to help out those that were trapped, but it was done in a way that just felt a bit awkward and forced. While the bigger picture advanced with the monkeys, the main focus was showing how some were surviving, some weren’t and the moral side of the Navy men and how far they’d go to put things right.

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