The Cast of Gotham Talk Batman's Origins

IGN: Jada Pinkett Smith, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and Erin Richards on what to expect.

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WizzroSupreme1601d ago

They killed this show the minute they had Jada Pinkett Smith play anyone named "Fish Moony."

ironfist921601d ago

High profile actor like Jada makes me think she's only in the pilot, or makes a very limited appearance.

Don't worry, we'll get our Joker soon enough. THATS when gotham will really start reeling in the fans and hype.

WizzroSupreme1600d ago

Too true. And I love how they're making it a mystery with several possible suspects. Hope it doesn't fall into the tired trope of "it's all or none of them." Maybe Will and his son will finally show up in Gotham too, lol