Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer (Audio Footage Only)


Although it is not a trailer with video footage the next big thing is here which is audio

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Crazay1598d ago

Better than nothing I guess.

-Foxtrot1598d ago

Nearly leaked, we just need the video now

Do they have to make it this hard to see the footage. They do realise not everyone gets to go to Comic Con.

Crazay1598d ago

This is something I've been asking myself. E3 has all kinds of TV coverage but SDCC apparently is too good to let the unattending masses have any fun

Treezy5041598d ago

It also appears that no one has a clear camera to provide quality leaked footage of anything as well. Keep me posted when this trailer leaks.

colonel1791598d ago

I've never understood this. If the footage was shown only to press or something it'd make a little sense, but if SDCC is open to the public, and anyone that goes can get a chance to see it, they what's the difference about few people watching the footage, and release a video online for everyone to see it.

It is an early footage, but they still show it to the public that goes to SDCC, so it's not like "people can't watch because it's not finished and they could misjudge it"

I've always hated behind the closed doors stuff. If they can't show it to the world, why even mention it in the first place?

WizzroSupreme1598d ago

I've never understood indeed why trailers need to be so secretive at SDCC. It's not as if it's never going to be shown, or that SDCC attendees need their egos stroked that much that they need to have the "exclusive" look at it for months in advance. Marvel would be better off building the hype as early as they can so the money can start rolling on in.